Get off the Belt.

When I was young, my grandmother used to tell me stories about how important it is to be in the convention.She told me how people who were radicals never actually succeeded in life.She had a million examples to bolster her view like my long distance uncles/cousins who tried something new and ended up on the streets. She helped me form a certain layer of self adherence to the system. She even infact rendered me this biggest mantra of life quite so early!

But 15 years. It took me exact 15 years to break that prejudice in my mind. After my foray into LUGT and my brief job stint in TCS, and having read so many influential people, I’ve come to terms with the actual philosophy of life, which is CHANGE!

You cannot be a part of the convention and expect success now. Today’s parameters have totally changed. You can no longer aim for safe, you have to be sensational.

The conveyer belt of life from previous generations is already old. Yes it takes us steadily and safely with millions of other people on it but if you’re looking for an extraordinary career, chances are you wont find it there. You have to find new mantras, garner new ideas, tread new paths, make or break new standards. You have to as quicky as possible get off the belt.

But it is not that easy. What belt offers you, nothing else can offer. A lot many examples, a highly steady movement, a ignorantly self complacent crowd, a timely marriage, a yearly vacation and many more. This explains why we see so many people with so many reasons squatted down in life at their 20s. They simply dont see a point in racing ahead.

Yet there are a few who are in an insane hurry, who know their time is limited on this planet. They push life ahead, accelerate ideas, jerk circumstances and single handedly alter their fate. If you have seen an enormous change in the world in the last century, it is most likely because of these ones with the fire in the belly.

My grandmother’s generation was afraid of taking risks. They valued convention more than anything else. Today change is the new mantra. Only change.

By the way, she now learned to embrace change too. She uses skype and most likely will open a facebook profile soon.